PET Based Release Coating Film

Our Release coating film have a stable release character and PET substrate provides excellent dimensional stability. You can use a variety of applications.

PET Heat Transfer Film for Garment Accessories

  • High Quality PET-based release coating films especially suitable for "Heat Transfer label" printing. Characteristics of this product is very stable release performance and dimensional stability.
  • ADg-RFSMS Series : Single Side Matte coated for Screen Printing

    This model is most cost effective for almost of any type of screen printed heat transfer label.
    You can select from several model with Different peeling off force and Different matte-surface feel.
    Standard Thickness : 75µm, 100µm

  • ADg-RFSMT Series : Single Side Matte multiple-coated for Screen Printing

    This film is more stable especially for some special type label like "Raised up or High Density Heat Transfer Label" or "Large area size Label" printing.
    Of course, you can use for other type of heat transfer label too.
    Standard Thickness : 75µm, 100µm

  • ADg-RFDMS Series : Double Side Matte coated for Screen Printing

    This film is double side coated models of ADg-RFSMS series.
    Standard Thickness : 100µm

  • ADg-RFDGS Series : Double Side Gloss coated for Screen Printing

    This film is double side coated models of ADg-RFSGS series.
    You no need to worry confusing which side is printing side.
    Standard Thickness : 75µm, 100µm

  • ADg-RFSSS : Single Side Super-Matte coated for Screen Printing

    This model has Super-Matte (like sandblasted) surface.
    You can get more frosting feel on surface of heat transfer label using this film.
    Standard Thickness : 100µm, Peeling off force is heavy.

  • ADg-RFSMO : Single Side Matte coated for Offset Printing

    This film has specialized release coating that is suitable for offset printing.
    Standard Thickness : 75µm, 100µm

  • General Specification of our Heat Transfer films
  • Compatible Ink: Water-base ink, Solvent-based ink, Plastisol ink
           (we recommend to have test production stage before use)
  • Heat resistance:60℃/10hour:shrink 0.5% or less, 125℃/10sec:shrink 0.5% or less,
         190℃/10sec:shrink 2.0% or less,
         180℃/30sec or less by standard heat press machine condition is recommended.
  • Antistatic Treatment: Applied
  • Solvent Resistance: Water, Alcohol, other solvent
  • Silicone Transitivity: Low
  • We can provide customized sheet size on your request. Roll package (maximum TD is 1100mm) or customized released coating character are also available. Please contact us.

PET Heat Transfer Film for General Target

  • High Quality PET-based release coating films for Heat Transfer printing not only for garment accessories.
  • ADg-RFSGG : Single Side Clear coated

    For Plastic container, electrics, and many other target are applicable depends on the inks.
    Standard Thickness : 12µm, 20µm, 25µm, 36µm

  • General Character
  • Antistatic Treatment: Applied
  • We can provide customized package. The maximum TD is 2020mm.

General Purpose Release Film

We can supply various size and coating film on your request. You can use as release paper, separator, mounting film on production process, transfer image, etc.
Please contact us for technical assistance. 

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